How do I withdraw from my course?

To withdraw from your course and receive a refund, you must complete the Withdrawal/Refund Application Form and return it to your campus of enrolment, in person or by mail.

A different form is used for:

 When you withdraw from your course you will be asked if you are deferring or discontinuing your studies.

DEFERRING your studies means:

You can postpone your course for up to 12 months from the date of your formal application. If you return to your studies within 12 months, your Smart & Skilled Student or Concession fee will not change.

If you do not return to study within this 12 month period, your student record will be updated to show you as 'withdrawn and discontinuing' with your study.

DISCONTINUING your studies means:

You have either decided to end your studies in your enrolled qualification, or you have not returned to study within 12 months of your initial deferral.

After discontinuing, if you wish to return and complete your qualification, you will be reassessed against the Smart & Skilled eligibility and entitlement criteria, current at that time, to determine your Student fee or eligibility for a Concession fee or fee exemption.

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